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Apples dipped in gold


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Book overview

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of A Touch of Darkness and King of Battle and Blood comes the second in a mini-series of novellas based on the grisly world of Grimm fairy tales.

This woman had carved her name in my heart long ago and I still bled from that open wound.

She was my curse and I wanted to be free.

Orphaned at a young age, Samara has been left under the care of her three horrible brothers for many long years. But just when she thinks she cannot take another day of their abuse, a handsome prince offers for her hand in marriage.

Samara's brothers agree to the wedding in exchange for a large dowry, but on her way to salvation in her new kingdom, her carriage is ambushed and she is rescued by Lore, the wicked Prince of Nightshade, who demands a favor in return. Samara believes that Lore's request is meant to punish her for her crimes against his kind…but punishment is only half of Lore's plan.

The truth is that the Elven Prince has pined after Samara for seven long years. His power over poisons rivals none in the Enchanted Forest, but Samara is a new kind of toxin in his blood, and all he can think about. Can the Prince of Nightshade manage to find a remedy, or will he succumb to her love?

Apples Dipped In Gold by SSC - Bookish Signs And More

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