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Sprayed Edges as a Service

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for “can you spray my books?”


Here’s how it works:
When you have a new release you’re excited for order it and have it delivered to my house (it works best this way, because if the book comes damaged the seller will replace it for you).
Include a gift note that has:
A) your preferred color for the edges
B) your handle or phone # to contact you
C) your return address

That’s it! Can I spray books you already have ? Yes, of course I can, but there’s always a risk. If your book arrives to me damaged for instance, or if there’s a paint bleed. If your book is rare it will be hard to replace these, so please consider if you can live with those things before sending. Most books turn out great, but it’s important to talk about the worst case scenarios too.

Once you buy this item I will send you my shipping address for your books. That’s it !

Purchase your Sprayed Edges through our ETSY shop

We offer bulk and wholesale services for authors and book boxes -  Including, but not limited to, print and design, typography, and sprayed or stenciled edges. We particularly love working with Indie authors - Contact us today!

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