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The Thirteenth Child By Erin Craig

Releases September 24, 2024 / Pre-Order August 1, 2024

Featuring exclusive edges
Signed by author
First edition, Hardback

This exclusive edition will be limited and you won’t want to miss it! Countdown timer is available now in my stories, along with a ‘notify me when available’ link direct from our website.



“There once was a very foolish huntsman who lived at the heart of the Gravia Forest…”Hazel Trépas has always known she wasn’t like the rest of her many siblings. Born a thirteenth child and promised away to one of the gods, she spends her childhood waiting for her godfather—Merrick, the Dreaded End—to finally arrive.When he does, he tells Hazel her future. She will become a great healer, known throughout the kingdom for her precision and skill. To aid in her endeavors, Merrick blesses the young girl a gift.But all gifts come with a price…

The Thirteenth Child By Erin Craig- Bookish Signs And More Exclusive Edition

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